Monday, June 15, 2009

Bama Boys Westward Expansion

pic by Charlie Mix

Ah Colorado. The land of Mountains, rivers, bears, and good beers. I got out here a week ago and met up with Bama Boys Danny Flynt, Andy Hobson, and Cruise Quenelle. They've been on a rampage getting goods such as Oh Be Joyful, Lime, Stupid Falls, and high water Yule Creek to name a few. Unfortunately I missed those exploits because of school back home, but I have been able to sample some of the "best mile of creeking" that Colorado has to offer. Valceito that is. It's a little gem about 45 min of where we are living for the summer. It requires a mile hike to the put in, where you drop into a box canyon. Once you're in, there's no way out. Something we're not quite used to back east that adds another dynamic to Class V creeking. There's really no way to scout or portage. Welcome to Durango!

Hiking in

Cruise dropping into the putin rapid. photo by Charlie Mix

Andy Hobson and Charlie Mix down in Valceito

Charlie Mix on the delayed boof-18 foot entrance Falls. pic by Cruise Quenelle

Cruise on the classic "Fuzzy Bunny" pic by Charlie Mix

Charlie Mix charging Fuzzy Bunny. Sequence shot by Cruise Quenille

(Fuzzy Bunny really reminds me of Gorilla minus the notch.)
Andy Hobson-Fuzzy Bunny pic by Charlie Mix

Crusie Entering "Paddle Bitch." Pic by Charlie Mix
Charlie Mix on Paddle Bitch. Shot by Cruise Quenille.
There is a cave on my right that water is pushing into. That's why it's known as paddle bitch. It can be a bitch to paddle!!!

Andy Hobson Freewheeling the last drop in the canyon. pic by Cruise Quenille

Charlie Mix stomping the last drop. Pic by Cruise Quenille

Cruise getting old school on the last drop. pic by Charlie Mix

The Bama Boys boater Crib. It's going to be a good summer.

Until Next Time,
Charlie Mix
Team Fluid (still waiting on a M Solo)
BTW, props go out to Fluid Kayaks, Ophion Paddles, WRSI Helmets, Astral Boyouncy, Shred Ready Helmets, Skirt Works Spray Skirts, Alabama Small Boats, and Four Corners Paddle Sports for supporting the Bama Boys.


PaulE said...

Hey Cruise, looks like tha bomb out there! Is that house I have heard so much about?

natalie said...

Charlie, looks like you're havin' a great time!!

old man said...

Props to Andy for WINNING the Animas River Days hole comp in Durango, co.

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