Friday, September 12, 2008

The Truth About Carnage

Below is a short video of many friends and I taking some beatdowns and hits all around the southeast. I edited this one in early 2007, but it was filmed mostly in 2005 and 2006. I thought I'd repost it for a good laugh and to remind everyone that... "What goes around comes around".

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Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Lost Session

Charlie Mix checking in here. School is now in full swing and I'm loaded with plenty of work to keep me busy, but I found the time to put together a little bit of video from King's Hole I forgot I had on my computer. I think the footy is almost two years old, it's from one of the first sessions when Kings Hole was finally finished and tweaked out, back when I was rockin' the Wavesport boats. There's random creeking footage thrown in too. Check it

the lost session from charlie mix on Vimeo.

If you'e still bored at your desk, read my summer update on WRSI helmets website:

-Charlie Mix

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Carnage Video

Hey this is Sam checking in. I'm back in Tuscaloosa for the semester trying to finish up my senior year. I figured I'd update this thing with some of my media. I mixed a carnage video up from the footy I have. Here is the link to it. It might not have the cleanest language. There you were warned.

Flaming Cheese Carnage Reel

In other news, I spent the last 3 summers in Fayetteville, WV videoboating on the New and Gauley rivers. I put some pictures from last summer down below.

This is the Ram's Head formation on Endless Wall of the New River Gorge, WV.

Here Justin Kleberg shows us how not to run Initiation on the Upper Gauley at 200 cfs.

Mike Tyson's Punch Out, Raven Fork, NC
Photo by Joey Jarrell

Jackson team member Justin Owen dropping a fun slot on the Upper Yough, MD.

Big Splatt, Big Sandy River, WV

Videoboater Alicia with a huge seal launch on the Big Sandy.

During the summer I fell off of a truck at work, split my foot open and had to take 2 weeks off.

I flew home through D.C. and managed to get a shot out of the plane window of Great Falls of the Potomac.

Todd Bitchenholler firing up Goliath on Decker's Creek, WV.

John McConville and I dropping Mill Creek Falls on our local backyard run Mill Creek, WV. Photo by Justin Kleberg.

Looking foward to hurricanes, we got some first D's to bag, be ready.

Monday, September 1, 2008

"A Long Time Coming" - Hucking Chewacla State Park Falls for the Firts Time Ever!

Check out the video and more great pics at

For at least a year now Andy Hobson and I have had an eye on Chewacla state park falls, and its probability of successfully running it in our kayaks. Its a 25 to 30 foot drop that lands in a very shallow pool, about 2-3 feet deep at extremely high water(shown here). That leads directly into another 25ft off vertical waterfall/slide we call "Stidham falls"(below). Together dropping 60 vertical feet in about fifty yards.
The Lower falls/slide known as "Stidham Falls" has been run for a few years now but still remains one of the few class 5 drops in Lee county, not to mention one of the southern most class 5 rapids in the southeastern United States. Its a technical drop that can be nothing but fun when run correctly, however deal out a great bit of carnage to those who don't. If you look at the top of the frame of the these pictures you can see the upper falls in the background.

The pictures on the left where taken at a minimum runnable level for the lower falls, which is WAY too low for the upper falls(as shown). The pictures on the right side of the screen where taken at a high flow for the lower falls, which is the minimum flow for the upper. When Andy and I ran it on Sunday, it was higher than the photos shown here on the right.
Wanting to safely run the upper falls meant waiting on the right timing. We had scouted out all possible lines of the dam, but between waiting for an ideal flow and knowing the landing was so sketchy, the factors had never aligned together resulting in a run straight out of the 26 acre Chewacla state park lake.
But fortunately tropical storm Fay brought lots of water our way, and on the weekend, nonetheless.

Brittany and I met Andy at about 8:30 Sunday, August 24 2008 with intentions of going straight to Chewacla. The state park has lots of cool features, including class 5 park and
huck.... the catch, a $3 entry fee on the weekends and $2 on the weekdays and a two hundred yard walk from the truck.
Upon our arrival we could hear the water from the parking lot and suddenly a great feeling came over us. We quickly suited up and hiked the 1/8 mile trail down hill to the falls. Walking straight to the upper falls, we had high hopes of a large enough flow to run it. And it was BIG. The highest I've ever seen it. But that's what we needed to see, honestly. We ran the lower falls at the highest flow it's ever been run, I'm willing to bet. Andy fired it up first and it was amazing, flawless. With a class four plus lead in, this drop falls about 6 feet vertically before driving over a super fun auto boof/launch dropping about ten to twelve feet into a large hole. Then about a ten foot pool into the last lead out hole, also beefy(lower falls shown here with Andy standing by). We each ran it several times with all smiles.

Pumped from our good lines, we had to go take a second look at the notorious upper falls. This time thoroughly scouting out the river right line. The landing was actually more shallow, but all other aspects of the line where much more inviting than the river left one. After rigging up a sweet little boat saving system we launched Andy's boat, filled with about 15 gallons of water, off the drop for a test run. As soon as we saw how well it took the drop we both knew it was on......
And so we ran the shit.

I ran it first, and Andy soon there after, and it was all goooooood.

The following photos were caught by an Auburn/Opelika news photographer, William White. He happened to be at the park on his own account, and this is what was in the newspaper. More to come he says on a CD he plans on mailing me.....
For some reason i couldn't load the video straight to the blog so...

Make sure to Check out the video here:

Well, thats it for now but PLENTY more to come. I added it up, and that sunday alone Andy and I dropped 800ft. in our kayaks. One hell of a first day on Andy's new rock colored Magnum 80!

-charlie simmons