Friday, August 28, 2009

Spring Update!

The whitewater riches of the northern Alabama region don't stop at the state line. Here's a video update from a fun weekend in the spring of 2009 featuring two of the more obscure, but really great creeks that are less than an hour from my house.

Allen Creek falls off the east side of Lookout Mountain just over the GA line and Fallingwater Creek is one of the many quality runs that surround Chattanooga, TN. I originally edited this up for LVM an it can be found in the DVD Bonus Features of the LVM #31, which is the Spring Issue of the Season's Series. You can purchase individual issues or subscribe to LVM at

Enjoy the show...

Spring Update! from Adam Goshorn on Vimeo.

Until Next Time...


Thursday, August 27, 2009


So the water has gone till the monsoon season and I finally finished some stuff Ive been working on. The summer started out great with a place to stay and all the glowing smiles of the local Durangatangs. Other than the nine Micro-Brews in town, the rivers kept us pretty busy most of the summer. The local Boaters in town were full of knowledge and were very willing to share some with us. Props goes out to Four Corners River Sports for everything from jobs to letting us snag some Stand Up Riverboards in the afternoons. Enjoy Western Expansion its got some never before seen or done for the matter Alabama stuff too. See ya soon. Cruise Q.