Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Jordan Sherman with a nice paddle toss-pic by Rob Beckman
Ah, NAWF. A fun time of year in Alabama and a great way to end my spring break. Spring break started with a trip chasing grey foxes down Jones Creek on Sand Mountain. More about that w/pics and video can be found here: http://www.granolapaddler.blogspot.com/

Jones Creek-pic by me (Charlie Mix)

I then worked, and was lucky enough to catch LRC Tuesday evening/night at 5" with Dave Levvitt and Ben Davis. I got on the canyon again Thursday with Bama Boys Jordan Sherman, Sam England, Luke Scott, Zach, and was joined by Jake Greenbaum, Matt Fithian, and Andrew Robinson. That night, the festivities began.

Jordan plays Jinga better after a  few beers and some shots of corn whisky.

Friday Started off with the Freestyle Huck Jam off short Creek Falls, which is my favorite event hands down I've ever competed in. Saturday was the day of the Hole Riding Comp and big party that night. Good times were had by all and I can't wait until next year.

Results off my the top of my head:

Men's Pro Short Creek Huck Jam

1. Dane Jackson

2. Nick Troutman

3. Charlie Mix (Bama Boy)

Men's Expert Huck Jam

1. Andy Hobson (Bama Boy)

2. Danny Flynt (Bama Boy)

3. Jordan Sherman (Bama Boy)

Women's Pro Huck Jam

1. Samantha Brunner?

Men's Pro Hole Comp

1. Nick Troutman

2. Billy Harris?

3. Eric Jackson

Men's Expert Hole Comp

1. ?

2. Andrew Koch

3. Andy Hobson (Bama Boy)

Overall Champ: Nick Troutman

check http://www.nawfest.com/ for official updates and results

Here's a random photo dump:

Jon Reynolds with a nice pan am-pic by Rob Beckman

Camp Renoldo

Me wowing the judges with this incredible rail grind-pic by Anne O'Conley

Jake Greenbaum, Katy Bransetter, and my self resurrecting the head band.

Charlie Simmons with a nice righty freewheel-pic by Casey Jones

Andy Hobson about to unload-pic by Casey Jones

Me throwing a kick flip-pic by Casey Jones

Danny Flynt with a very nice hand paddle kick flip-pic by Rob Beckman

Dolla Dolla Bill Yall. Me and Jordan after the award ceremony

Until next time,
-Charlie Mix

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