Sunday, August 31, 2008

Thanks Fay!!!

Andy Hobson stompin' the shit out of the spout: pic by Adam Goshorn

So I get back from Sweden and just as I had promised Adam, I brought the rain with me. No more than 24 hours after getting off the plane, I was meeting Andy in my old teenage stomping grounds of Heflin, AL for a run on Cheaha Creek thanks to remnants of Hurricane Fay. I had not run Cheaha since I was 17 years old and forgot how much fun and how scenic it is...and how much water it takes to get it running. We yanked some wood out and ran it a couple times.

Andy about to boof and rally at the Alabama Six Pack, Cheaha Creek-pic by: Charlie Mix

Charlie Mix on the same drop-pic by: Andy H

We went back to the car for a break and got a message from Adam saying the canyon was going big and Johnnies was about to run. We looked at each other and an hour and half later we were at the falls gearing up. For some reason Johnnies didn't run, but LRC was 18 inches. I have a shiny new Asheville, at the infamous Spencer Cooke's house, so me and Andy had to take turns with his new Mag 80 because I wasn't feeling big headed enough to venture into the canyon in my Astro at flood. The Mag 80 paddled exactly like the Magnum 72, only bigger and surprisingly it didn't swallow me as much as I thought it would have. I was super stoked to be back on the canyon and especially in August at high water. Any way check out the pics while we wait on Gustav!!!

Charlie Mix in the new Magnum 80- pic by: Adam Goshorn

Adam about to fly-pic by: Charlie Mix

Charlie Mix thinking, "this is a lot of water." pic by: Adam G

Till next time,
-Charlie Mix
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