Monday, December 15, 2008

First Big Rain of the Season

The time has come once again to dust off our creek boats and head out for some action on the steeps. 6 inches of rain came over the past few days and many a good boof followed. Here are the pics and video from the week.

The Crew

Me hucking Photo-Cruise

Charlie Mix Master
Danny Flynt with the hand clapAndy Hobson launching a freewheelCruise droppingJordan decided to go spelunking below CableAll emerged OKDanny flying through PinballAdam Goshorn
Earlier Charlie, Danny, Cruise, and I got a chance to run Wolf Creek in the Canyon. Low water, wood, and the fear of running deep throat at 50" forced us to hike out after the first big drop. We did get some video from the day though. Enjoy

Wolf Creek in LRC from sam on Vimeo.

or if the that doesn't work here is the link.

Signing out,

Sam England
Team Eskimo Kayaks

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